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[Adapted from website:] Adyannet

[Date:] 11 Esfand 1394 [1 March 2016]


Statements of Ayatollah Sobhani Regarding the Baha’is

Ayatollah Sobhani, a theologian, jurist, commentator, and one of the great emulation authorities, has excluded the Baha’is from Islam and [said that he] considered Baha’ism not as a religious sect but as a political sect. He considers this perverse sect as one of the groups that is trying to deceive the youth and divert them by introducing theological doubts and propagating its heretical religion.

Adyannet – Ayatollah Sheikh Jafar Sobhani is a theologian, jurist, commentator and one of the great emulation authorities, born in 1308 [1929] in the City of Tabriz. In this article, we discuss his statements about the perverse Baha’i sect.

  1. The Baha’is are the enemy of Islam: “Currently, Baha’ism is propagandizing for the struggle against Islam and the religiousness of the youth, in order to mislead the youth and, as a result, [encourage them] to commit crimes.”¹
  2. The danger of the Baha’is after the Revolution: “Today, Baha’ism seeks to shake the beliefs of the youth by raising theological issues ... Before the Islamic Revolution, the danger of Bahaism was felt less, but this issue is very serious in the current situation … The seminaries ... must be awake so that this sect does not harm the beliefs of the youth.”²
  3. Baha’ism is a political sect: “Baha’ism is considered not only not a religious sect, but [also] a political sect outside of Islam.”³

It is necessary for all Iranian youth and those who care for religion, the revolution, the defence of Islamic values and the achievements of the Islamic system to fight these misguided sects step by step with the emulation authorities and Islamic scholars until the day when God Almighty eradicates them.


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