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[Adapted from website:] Adyannet

[Date:] 6 Aban 1395 [27 October 2016]


Baha’is’ 122-Page Report Against Iran

In a new [insult to] the Islamic Republic of Iran, misguided Baha’is have published a 122-page report claiming that religious minorities in Iran are being severely suppressed, while what this perverse sect calls suppression is, in fact, the punishments provided by law for each offender, even if not Baha’i.

Adyannet – The perverse Baha’i sect has always sought to strike at the regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran and has spared no effort in this regard. In the latest move, the Baha’i International Community has published a 122-page report claiming that religious minorities in Iran are being severely suppressed. [1]

First, what the Baha’is call suppression is, in fact, the punishments that the regime of the Islamic Republic inflicts on any Iranian citizen who violates the rule of law, Muslim or non-Muslim, Baha’i or non-Baha’i; this is a fundamental principle and accepted in all countries of the world. Baha’is living in Iran shall be prosecuted, punished, and imprisoned if they commit a crime; they are not a separate woven fabric, but Baha’is associate their oppression with their convicted criminalities as their “being Baha’i” in order to be supported in the international community.

Second, according to Article 13 of the Constitution, only Zoroastrians, Christians, and Jews are considered religious minorities, and Baha’is are not included [2], According to Article 14 of the Constitution, the government is obliged to respect the human rights of Baha’is and treat them fairly, as long as they do not take action against the regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran [3] while the hostility and sedition of the Baha’is against the Islamic State are not hidden from anyone.[4]

The report states, “(In recent years) more than 20,000 anti-Baha’i articles have been published in the Iranian media, more than 150 Baha’is have been arrested, and at least 388 cases of economic discrimination, from threats to business closures, have been registered. Thousands of Baha’i students have been barred from entering universities and 38 Baha’i students have been expelled from universities.” [5]

But the report does not say what has been the crime of these punished Baha’is. Have they been punished because they were Baha’is or [because they were] in violation of the law and regulations? Nor is it stated how many Iranian citizens (Muslim and non-Muslim) have been subjected to such punishments during the same period. Is it [something] other than that everyone is equal before the law?

The basic question is, if the Baha’is commit a crime in the occupied Palestinian territories, which is the Baha’i stronghold, will the Zionists release them and not punish them!? Or [would that happen under] other governments where the Baha’is reside under their rules!? The insightful people of Iran, after gaining a lot of experience in various seditions, are not deceived by the oppression of weak groups such as the Baha’is.


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