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[Adapted from website:] Adyan News

[Date:] 13 Dey 1399 [2 January 2021]


Propaganda of Baha’ism in the Field of Art

In many cases, educational institutions of arts such as music, which deal mainly with young people, invite children to Baha’i thought.

According to Adyan News, propaganda is the main pillar of the existence and continuity of Baha’ism. One of the tools of the Baha’i sect’s organization is the use of art and artistic issues for propaganda. Among the methods of this sect most used to attract people in different regions of the world is coverage in the form of teachers or art groups in the field of music, painting, sewing, photography, theatre groups, etc. Especially in countries where the open and widespread activities of destructive sects such as Baha’ism are prevented, this organization, by holding free art courses and educational spaces, infiltrates various strata, especially the youth, with its missionaries.

The constant tactic of these Baha’is is to demonstrate a loving and exemplary temperament, in order to become famous among others. In the next steps, by intimacy and identification of talented people, they are drawn to organizational circles and provide the conditions for their absorption and conversion to Baha’ism.

In many cases, educational institutions of the arts, such as music, which deals mainly with young people, invite children to Baha’i thought. These artistic groups, even if they do not explicitly use the name Baha’ism, try to instil Baha’i thinking and behaviour in children. This poses a serious threat to the upbringing of the generation; this should be a serious warning to the relevant authorities and the widespread activity of Baha’is in this area should be stopped.