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The Judiciary

Prosecutor General Office


In the Name of God

Date: 13 -----

Number: -----

Enclosure: -----


The Honourable Deputy of the Political and Security Prosecutor General:

With reference to your question number 1856/1396/140, dated 2 Esfand 1396 [21 February 2018], I would like to respectfully inform you that your question was raised at the working meeting of the Scientific Group of the Prosecutor General’s Office, and the opinion of this working group is as follows.



With reference to letter number 14344, dated 3 Tir 1396, [24 June 2017] of the honourable deputy of security and law enforcement of the Ministry of the Interior, which announced that the closure of Baha’i commercial units in recent months has prompted the members of the perverse sect to repeatedly pursue the matter, and, pursuant to paragraph (b) of Article 28 of the Trade Union Law, which allows the closure of trades for only a few days, to call for the unsealing of their business units, considering the frequent follow-ups of the applicants and considering the national dimensions of the issue, is it appropriate to decide on the status of continuity or non-continuity of the sealing of the mentioned commercial units?


Advisory Opinion:

The sealing of the commercial units that hold business permits, purely [because they are] Baha’is, and without [their having] committed criminal acts, has no legal basis. If there are any considerations, the relevant regulations should be taken into account when issuing the business licences.


Mohammad Mossadegh

First Deputy of the Prosecutor General




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