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Ministry of the Interior

Governorate of the City of Kashan

[Date: 14/4/1324 (5 July 1945)]

[Number: 1579[


Confidential, Eyes only, Very Urgent


Gendarmerie [Police] Company of Kashan


You were reminded by letter number 1560 [that you are required] to inform the Governorate [of Kashan] of the daily events and incidents of the region under your jurisdiction.  Nonetheless, it seems that no attention has been paid to this and you have not informed the Governorate of the recent dispute in Aran which was politically significance and needed to be reported.  Article 15 of the National Administrative Divisions Act, obliges the police force and gendarmerie to report all daily events.  You are required to order a cessation of the activities of the troops regarding the dispute between Baha’is and Muslims of Aran and to advise the Governorate accordingly. Also, in the future be mindful of matters such as those which have a political nature and are related to the maintenance of public policies and are part of the duties of the Governorate, lest it may result in disorder and chaos.


Acting Governor of the City of Kashan, Fahim

[Number] 1579 – 14/4/1324 [5 July 1945]


We refer to the confidential report number 24 – 31/3/1324 [21 June 1945] which was submitted to the Ministry of the Interior and we convey that, First Lieutenant Shahrabi, as a result of his lack of experience and lack of interest in discipline and administrative  order, has repeatedly embarked on illegal acts.  During his station in Kashan, he has failed to report any daily incidents to the Governorate.  This failure has led to disorder in most villages and resulted in problems for the Governorate.  Even the recent incident in Aran was due to the interference and irregular actions of the above-mentioned and also the gendarmerie officials.  If I had not personally acted to resolve the matter, extinguishing the flame of corruption would not have been possible.  By reporting the above to you, I would not have any responsibility, if Mr. Shahrabi is not prevented from such activities.  I appeal to you to order special attention be paid to this matter and immediate action be taken to prevent any future unexpected incidents. (In closing, it is essential to inform you that sending [order and copy of the above report] to Kashan, and asking for further explanations, will only result in creating animosity and hostility.  Consequently, it would cause distress, interruption in the process, and terminate friendly relationships [amongst government employees].  I ask you to please refrain from sending copies [of the report], rather send a summary only.  Mohammad Fahim)


Acting Governor of the City of Kashan, Fahim, [signature: Mohammad Fahim]


[Handwritten Note 1:] Political

[Handwritten Note 2:] Mr. Ansari 25/4 [16 July]

[Handwritten Note 3:] Sent to the Ministerial Office in the original form.