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[Newspaper:] Ettelaat

[Date:] 18 Tir 1360 [9 July 1981]

[Page:] 4


Domestic News


The Sharia judge of Hamadan Revealed the Plot of the Executed Spies of International Zionism against the Islamic Revolution of Iran.


The broadcast of the congratulatory message for the middle of Sha’ban[1] from the last regime’s television resulted in protest by the Assembly of the Baha’is.


The spies of International Zionism had sent telegrams with fake signatures to the country’s authorities, making false accusations about the [Revolutionary] Committees and the [Revolutionary] Guards.


Opposition to Islam and propaganda against the Islamic Revolution were [two] of the offences of this group.


One of the seven spies who were executed was the secretary of the Assembly of Baha’is in Hamadan for 12 years.


Hamadan – A reporter for Ettelaat, following the execution of seven members of the Assembly of the perverse Baha’i sect in Hamadan, by the names of Dr. Naser Vafaei, Dr. Firouz Naiemi, Mr. Mohammad-Bagher Habibi, Mr. Hosein Khandel, Mr. Mohammad Habibi, Mr. Hosein Motlagh-Araei [Arani], and Mr. Tarazollah Hozein [Khozein], had a special interview with Hojjatol-Islam Abol-Ghasan Alami, Sharia judge of this city’s Office of the Prosecutor of the Islamic Revolution, who, in this interview, revealed the shameful plots of these spies of Zionism.


Counts of indictment


The Sharia judge of Hamadan, on the subject of counts of indictment of those who were executed, said:


These seven people, who were tried and sentenced to death, were active members of the Assembly of the Baha’is in Hamadan. They undertook many Baha’i activities and some of them were even members of the Assistants[2] [to the Continental Board of Counsellors]. The Assembly of Hamadan, in connection with the Assembly of Tehran, which is considered their academic[3] [National] Assembly, and also in connection with the [Universal] House of Justice, which is their universal assembly, [also] had activities.  All of these [institutions] are espionage organisations. Their universal assembly, meaning [Universal] House of Justice, is [located] in Haifa in the occupied Quds (Israel) and all orders for the Assemblies of the Baha’is in other countries are issued by this House of Justice. These seven people, in connection with other Assemblies, [participated in] many activities.  Some of them were secretaries of Assemblies, such as Tarazollah Hozein [Khozein], who was secretary of an Assembly for 12 years, and Naser Vafaei, who, for ten years was an active member of the Assembly and was chairperson for two or three years.  Firouz Naiemi was auditor of the Assembly for many years; Hosein Motlagh was a member of the Assembly, and during the year 1358 [1979], he was secretary.  Hosein Khandel was a member of the Assembly and representative of the Continental Board of Counsellors, which was responsible to collect news from all over the world and report it to the House of Justice. Mohammad-Bagher Habibi was a member of the Assembly for six years and Mohammad Habibi was a member of the Assembly for eight years.


The offences of this group were: “Cooperation with the sinister regime of Pahlavi; there are many documents proving their cooperation with the dissolved SAVAK.[4] As the secretary of the Assembly [revealed], there are many letters to SAVAK showing their cooperation. Other offences of this group were: opposition to Islam and propaganda against the Islamic Revolution; they had become so bold that they plotted against the Islamic Republic, and Dr. Vafaei, in his surgery and in front of others, would use obscene language and insults [?]. They have also sent telegrams with fake signatures to the country’s authorities, making false accusations about killing, murdering and confiscation of Baha’i properties by the [Revolutionary] Committees and Guards, and the Assembly funded these activities in full. The Assembly of Hamadan, during the first days of the Revolution, invited all the Baha’is of the area, with the excuse that the houses of Baha’is had been set on fire and destroyed, to gather in their Assembly; in this way they provoked people’s feelings.  To incite people’s feelings against the new Islamic Revolution during the victory of the Revolution, they spread lies and distributed agitating notices in which they offended all authorities and government agencies. Also, [they hid] the minutes of the Assembly from after the Revolution so that the minutes of years 1353 [1972] to 1357 [1978] were available, but the minutes of years 1357 [1978] to 1359 [1981] were not, and they claimed that the original minutes had been sent to the National Assembly and that they had destroyed the copies, which is an indication that their work was secret.”


Luring and threatening villagers 


The Sharia judge of Hamadan added, “These people [tried] to spread flimsy Baha’i beliefs among Muslims, especially the simple-minded village people, and lure them with financial help or threaten them [through] the agents of the defunct SAVAK. A large amount of money, which amounts to millions, was sent to Israel through the Nawnahalan Company (a company belonging to Baha’is, which was confiscated). For example, Hojabr Yazdani, the fugitive capitalist, sent seven million dollars to Israel on one occasion, and there were some letters from Hojabr which were discovered from the Assembly. When we asked them how they knew him, they said that they had read his name in newspapers; when we showed them the mentioned letters, the secretary said ‘that is right, this is my signature and I went to his house once.’”  The Sharia judge of Hamadan added, “In the matter of their connection with Hojabr Yazdani and spying for foreigners, we have many documents here, including a letter which says, ‘National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of Iran – according to the information that reached this Assembly, during the night in the middle of Sha‘ban, congratulations were given to all the Shiite Muslims in the world on behalf of the television institution. As this organisation is related to the Baha’is, it is a matter of sadness that the television should take such action. It is requested that Mr. Habib Sabet be asked how the workers of that institution took such action and that he make the necessary decision to prevent further happenings. Signature (Hands of the Cause in Asia)’.”


An archived letter on page 82 of the file [appears] in English. Its translation states that from the financial department of the [Universal] House of Justice to the National [Spiritual] Assembly of Iran, a sum of six million, seven hundred thousand dollars was received for the building of the Daru’l-Tashrie[5].


Another document on page 84 states the following:


At 6:30 in the afternoon on 7 Khordad 1343 [22 May 1964], the Committee for Promotion of the Faith was held at Assembly [building] number 4, situated in the Tekyyeh-Navvab, the house of Asadollah Ghodsianzadeh. Abbas Ghodsi, who was the speaker of the committee said, “Mr. Asadollah Alam, the minister of the court of His Majesty, has been very kind to us, especially Mr. Amir-Abbas Hoveyda, who was born a Baha’i and is a Baha’i, God willing”. Both of them, who are small gods [?] of the Baha’is, report their activities to the supreme Universal of Justice, which is the authority for the Baha’is. Baha’u’llah said (that [which] God said, He acted upon it[6]) which meant that whoever captures any place, [they] can keep it. The government of Israel is one of those governments which, in the wars of the years 1946 and 1947, was known as victorious before the world, and we as Baha’is appreciate the activities of this dear nation of Jews. We are very happy that they are offering laws for the revitalisation of Iran.  [The sign of] our and [Israel’s] progress is that we have spies in every department in Iran and in all ministries. Once a week, a report [concerning] all the plans drawn by the government that are presented to His Imperial Majesty, reaches the Spiritual Assemblies of the Baha’is. For example, every day, Baha’i contractors send their reports to the Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is about Iran’s army, such as how arms enter Iran and how the paratroopers are trained.”


Sending foreign currencies to Israel


The Sharia judge of Hamadan added, “The Baha’is have sent a huge amount of foreign currency to Israel for different reasons; according to the existing documents, the Assembly of Hamadan was involved in this too—one item of six million, seven hundred thousand dollars, another item of seventy thousand, and one item of six hundred thousand dollars. In the contents of one of these documents it reads, “To the respected Nawnhalan Company, please transfer the [equivalent] of six  hundred thousand dollars, in  rials, from current account [number] 5665 for the construction of the Daru’l-Tashrie, to the finance department of the supreme Universal House of Justice, may God make its foundation strong (secretary of the Assembly, Ghaem Maghami).”  The total figures of these foreign currencies amount to millions of dollars. The amount which was sent by the Assembly of Hamadan is: one item of one hundred thousand tumans, [another of] twenty thousand tumans, one hundred and fifty thousand tumans [and] fifty thousand tumans, and so on. [This] is sent each year to the National Assembly, and from there [it is sent] in foreign currencies to Israel.


Connection with dissolved SAVAK and Israel.


The Sharia judge of Hamadan added that these documents showed direct contact between Assemblies, the dissolved SAVAK and Israel, and also the transfer of foreign currencies from the country, and that the Assembly of Hamadan had active involvement with other Assemblies in this regard. In the bill of indictment of the court, it is mentioned that the charges against the people executed were: cooperation with the sinister regime of Pahlavi and the dissolved SAVAK, and cooperation with Zionism and spying for them, with many more documents which are mentioned. Considering these documents, you will see that the offences of this group are many and massive. While they were in detention, they were not subjected to any harm, injury or torture, and according to their own letters, which they wrote during their last hours, they thanked the court and the [Revolutionary] Guard. Contrary to the rumours circulated, only two of this group were doctors, and the other five were private business owners. 








[1] [15th day of the lunar month of Sha’ban when Imam Mihdi, the twelfth Shia Imam was born]

[2] [An appointed position in the Bahá’í Administration, but the scope of its community building activity is limited to the local community only.]

[3] [Typographical error]

[4]  [Acronym: “National Intelligence and Information Agency”, The intelligence Agency in Pahlavi regime]

[5] [The seat of Universal House of Justice]

[6] [The source of this sentence is known]