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In the Name of God,


Public Prosecutor-General of the Republic’s Islamic Revolution

Mazandaran Province

No. 1213

Date: 15/4/59 [6 July 1980]

Attachment: ---


To: Public Prosecutor-General of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Subject: Mr Kordian’s shops in Tonekabon


According to letter 373 dated 19/1/59 [8 April 1980] of this Public Prosecutor’s Office, the rumours in relation to confiscation of the [abovementioned] shops [are false] and there is no judgement in this regard.  Therefore, you are directed to instruct the Mostazafan Foundation to cease causing trouble regarding Mr Kordian’s shops.


Sayyid Mehdi Tabatabai

Public Prosecutor-General of the Islamic Revolution

[signature over official stamp]