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[Newspaper:] Abrar

[Date:] Monday, 4 Aban 1364 – 12 Rabi 'al-Awwal 1406 – [26 October 1985] 

[Issue:] 45


Daily Discussion

History Will Not Repeat Itself

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

The timely and revolutionary action of the Council of Experts in appointing Ayatollah Montazeri as the successor to Imam Khomeini as the leader of the nation of Islam brought a glimpse of hope to the world’s underprivileged and oppressed, and the Muslim nation of Iran. On the one hand, the Muslim population of the world realizes that the Islamic Revolution has preserved its dynamic and will take over the world with its identity as being neither of the West nor of the East.

On the other hand, the arrogance of the world that imagined that the passing of the imam could create division in the Islamic revolutionary movement through the deviance of corrupt reformists was faced with disappointment, thus instigating various forms of machinations in the media and among tyrannical groups since the day the victory of this revolution was publically announced. The issue raised by them indicated their anger and dissatisfaction, inasmuch as His Holiness the great Ayatollah Montazeri was a well-recognized person and they are well acquainted with his character…

This wound that caused the disintegration of the Islamic world after the life of the Prophet (peace be upon Him) has not been healed over several centuries and its effects are evident, inasmuch as it divided Islam into various sects, and the colonialists exploited it by creating divisions among them.

The sects fabricated by the colonizers, such as Wahhabism, Baha’ism, Azalism, Babism and Ghadiyanism, added to the dispersion and division, and prevented the unification of Muslims to the point where the plan for Daroltaqrib [house of unity] by Sheikh Shaltout and other scholars of Islam remained practically halted…