[Translator’s notes appear in square brackets]

[Personal information has been redacted.]


General number: -----

Private number: 1322

Dossier: -----

File: 1/6 - 34



Office of the Prime Minister

Type of Draft: -----

Subject of the Draft -----

Attachment: -----

Final Copy maker: [Signature]


Date of the draft: 31 Tir 1325 [22 July 1946]

Date of the final copy: 1 Mordad 1325 [23 July 1946]

Date of registration: 6 Mordad 1325 [28 July 1946]


Tenth state government

The Governorate of Khorramabad,


A copy of three pages of a telegraphic report received from Nahavand and Boroujen regarding some local events and occurrences is enclosed. It is requested that for the sake of keeping peace and preventing any local insecurity, you take the relevant actions and the necessary care.



[Handwritten notes on the right side]


The copy was prepared, 5 Mordad [27 July]