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Ministry of the Interior

Governorate of Kashan

Number 155

Date: 14/4/1324 [5 July 1945]

Enclosure: One Page


Ministry of the Interior


Pursuant to confidential letter number 25- Confidential, dated 4/4/24 [25 June 1945], once again news has been received of an arson attack on a gate of one of the orchards of Aran.

In order to completely eliminate the commotion and [resolve] the dispute between Muslims and others, I travelled to Aran and with my counselling and advice, the fire of lawlessness was completely put out. I obtained commitments and pledges from both groups before returning to the city [Kashan].

However, one of the concerns raised by the Muslims, as set out in the attached petition is that Mr Abolghasem Ferdowsi and his wife Mrs Talat, who are originally from the village of Jasb near the city of Qom, have moved to Aran and are promoting the Baha’i Faith and therefore must be exiled from Aran.

I request that you indicate to the governorate [of Kashan] the appropriate course of action for dealing with this matter.


Acting Governor of Kashan

Fahim [signed: Mohammad Fahim]


[Handwritten 1:] Political

[Handwritten 2:] Background History, 4/30

[Handwritten 3:] 326103/3 [date:] 24/4/1324 [15 July 1945]