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Islamic Republic of Iran

Central Office of the Islamic Revolutionary Prosecutor

Date: 17 Mordad [illegible] [8 August [illegible]]

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The Islamic Revolutionary Court of Justice, Branch 8, located at Shahid Ghoddousi Crossing [Tehran], presided over by the undersigned, was convened in the absence of the accused. Case No. 62/M/33601, pertaining to the accusations against Mr. Abbas Mohajer, son of Habibollah, a member of the perverse Baha’i sect, who has fled Iran, is being considered.

Procedural synopsis: The accused person is a member of the Zionist Baha’i sect, who appointed an individual, named Seyyed Mohsen Ozma as his attorney and then escaped Iran to join his masters. As his attorney, Seyyed Mohsen Ozma has dealt with his [appointer’s] property and withdrawn from the Trade Bank the sum of one hundred and fifty-eight thousand tuman [Iranian currency] by writing a check and delivering it to an accountant of the above-mentioned accused. He also collected rental in the sum of approximately one hundred and twenty-two thousand tuman [Iranian currency], from the tenant. Upon learning that the said accused was a fugitive, the Enforcement Section of the General Islamic Prosecutor took control of his properties, which are now held under the supervision of the Environment Section of the Prosecutor’s Office. The court hereby issues its judgment, after considering the entire file and the arraignment. Given that the said person has deserted the Islamic country and taken refuge in the land of the infidels, he is, therefore, not considered a protected infidel in the eyes of Islam. Thus, all his personal and immovable properties are confiscated for the benefit of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran. This judgment shall be enforceable after affirmation by the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Justice [of Iran].

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Sharia judge, Branch 8 of the Central Islamic Revolutionary Court of Justice

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