[Translator’s notes appear in square brackets]

[Personal information has been redacted.]


[This is a] transcript of judgment number 17, Criminal [Court of] Kashan, dated 17 Bahman 1317 [6 February 1939], in relation to the Statement of Indictment number 107 of the public prosecutor, [which took place] in Kashan.


In summary, Abbas, son of Fazlollah Beyzaie Attar, age 23, born in Aran and resident of Aran, [redacted], is accused of not having registered his marriage with an official notary public, and based on his confession, his guilt has been established. In accordance with Article 1 of the Marriage Law, enacted in 1310 [1931/32], the public prosecutor requested that the appropriate order be issued.  After receiving the file and the designation of the reviewing session, and hearing the views of the Manager of [notary public] instead of the public prosecutor, and hearing the last statement and defence of the accused to the Criminal [Court of] Kashan before the presiding [judge], Mr. Alim Marvasti, entered his decision on 13 Bahman 1317 [2 February 1939] as follows:

Given that, despite the guidance he received at the court hearing to produce another marriage certificate in compliance with the prescribed laws and regulations of the country, and to register it, and to keep the one to himself that he said has been drawn according to Baha’i tradition, and [which they] refuse to register, the defendant responded, “I will not do such a thing.  I have sent this same paper, which has been drawn up according to Baha’i tradition for registration at the Documents Registration Office, to be registered; otherwise, I am ready to withstand the punishment you dispense according to the law.”  Consequently, this court, in accordance with Article 1 of the Marriage Law as amended in Khordad 1316 [May/June 1937], and given that the accused insists on acting against his prescribed lawful duty, there is no provision to reduce the maximum sentence, and it appears no [avenue is available for leniency]; consequently, this court sentences the above-mentioned, Mr. Abbas Beyzaie, son of Fazlollah, 23 years old, a herbal pharmacist and resident of Aran [redacted], to six months’ imprisonment.  After this judgment was served on the defendant and [he] was informed that this decision is [illegible] [subject] to appeal, the decision was served on him.  The judge who heard this matter in the court of first instance was Mr. Alim Marvasti.  The seal of the primary Civil Court of Kashan is observed.


Fakhreddin, 24 Bahman 1317 [13 February 1939], after [it is] concluded, brought to [your] attention