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[Personal information has been redacted.]




Islamic Republic of Iran


Court of Administrative Justice


Referred to Branch______

Signature of the Chief Adjudicator of the Court [of Administrative Justice]__________

Registration number and date:________


Particulars of the parties: Complainant


First and last name:  Abbas-Ali Zareian Jahromi; Father’s name: Mohammad; Job title and personnel number: Oil pipeline and communication laborer in Fars Province; Group and level: Supervisor of transportation for the oil company; Location of service:_____; Residence: Shiraz – [Address]


Complainant’s attorney: ______


Respondent Ministry or Department: Restructuring Council No. 3 of the Islamic Oil Company of Iran (Fars Province)


Subject of grievance and claim: Rescission of the order issued by the Council, and reinstatement of my pension according to the judicial request below, and in reference to insurance no. [redacted]


Statement, reasoning and evidence:


In His Name, the Exalted


With utmost respect, and with good wishes for the health and prosperity of that authority whose code of conduct is based on fair judgment. I hereby request that you review my personnel records (service for 30 years, 4 months, and 2 days) of honest service at the Islamic Oil Company of Iran which earned me the honour of retirement on 16/12/1359 [7 March 1981], and for which I was entitled to pension. However, from 1361 [1982/1983], the Reconstructing Council terminated my pension merely for [my identity as a] Baha’i.


The reality is that I paid my dues towards my pension for 30 some years in order to have income towards the end of my life. I have a family, and this pension is my only life-line to survival. I have no other savings or investments. Therefore, I appeal to you to consider my request as you are a God-like authority of justice and fairness. We were all created by God. By the authority vested in you, I ask you to revoke the order issued by the Council, and reinstate my pension and the arrears thereof; so that under your leadership and this government we may find tranquility and security.


With deepest respect