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In the Name of God


Department of Social Services

Isfahan Head Office


Date: 12/5/1390 [3 August 2011]

Enclosure: 43837

Branch 22, Tehran


Re:  Pension Transfer [payment] for Mr. Abbas-Ali Tadrisi, Policy number 75518561

Respectfully, with reference to letter number 126066, dated 11/5/1390 [2 August 2011], given that the above-mentioned individual is a member of the perverse sect of Bahaism and was dismissed pursuant to order number 22518/5, dated 28/6/1362 [19 September 1983], and in light of paragraph 5 of guideline number 15, which indicates that the payment of pension funds does not apply in cases where said funds were deducted [from wages] received by those who are dismissed owing to their being legally prohibited from employment, this branch, therefore, has refrained from transferring any funds for this individual.

Branch 5, [Isfahan]




Department of Social Services

Administrative Affairs Branch 5, Isfahan

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