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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Ettelaat

[Date:] 2 Tir 1360 [23 June 1981]

[Issue No.:] 16459

[Page:] 2


Yesterday, Nine Mofsede Fel-Arz [Corruptors on Earth] Were Executed

Six perpetrators and accomplices of the 30 Khordad [June 20] crimes, along with three Zionist affiliates and spies, were executed inside the [walls] of Evin Prison by order of the Islamic Republic’s Central Revolutionary Court.

The content of the announcement of the Central Revolutionary Public Prosecution of the Islamic Republic about this order is as follows:

“And fight them until there is no fitnah [disturbance] and until the religion, all of it, is for Allah” [Sura 8: Verse 39 - SAHIH INTERNATIONAL]

…Also, three devotees of the Taghut decadent regime were tried in the Central Revolutionary Court of the Islamic Republic and the Sharia and legal rulings were issued for them. These accused are:

1- Farhang Mavaddat, son of Fazlollah, for the crimes of: activity and effective cooperation in the publishing of seductive and persuasive magazines and pamphlets against the Islamic Republic after the victory of the revolution; financially feeding the Zionist Nawnahalan company, which, according to the confession of the accused, financially supported the Zionist House of Justice in Haifa, Israel; financial, economic and intellectual cooperation with the Zionist Hojabr Yazdani; effective cooperation with the National Zionist Assembly, which is against the Islamic Revolution, and taking actions to overthrow this Revolution; taking responsibility for teaching and propagation at the deeper level in the City of Karaj for the seduction and misleading of the youth and pre-youth; affiliation with the heads of the looting regime; and obtaining illegal wealth and shares of the factories and banks, as reflected in his confessions. According to the ruling of the Revolutionary Court, he was recognised as guilty and there was clear evidence that he was a mofsed-e fel arz [corruptor on earth] and he was sentenced to be executed.

2- Hashem Farnoush son of Ataollah, for the offence of collaboration with Dr. Riazollah Ghadimi (sic), a co-worker of the hellish SAVAK in [medical] examinations of the fighters, and cruel manslaughter of them (co-worker of CIA organization); and as the assistant of this Kafar-e Harbi’in [belligerent infidel], sending the trained people connected to Israel to take action against Islam and Muslim nations and sending spies under the name of pioneers by the pioneering committee, which was under the supervision of Farnoush and through the Samandari Agency, and approved by the Zionist organization of the Israeli House of Justice, which has happened several times, attempting to strengthen the destroyed shah; collecting large amounts of donations for occupying Israel in the fight against Muslims and assisting the construction of the Zionist Teaching Centre by collecting large sums of money through the support of Hojabr Yazdani, Parviz Sabeti, Dr. Abdol-Karim Ayadi—the fugitive Zionist and the special doctor of the destroyed shah—and Dr. Shapour Rasekh, the head of the Planning and Budget Organization, using their resources for activities intended to overthrow the regime of the Islamic Republic; publishing and disseminating the journals of “Tabl-e- Sahar” and “The Present and Future of the World”,  to allure youths and spread the infidelity and heresy. After considering the explicit confessions of the accused during the investigation and in the presence of the court, based on routine investigations, his offences were proved in the court and there is clear evidence that the aforementioned individual there is clear was a mofsed-e fel-arz [corruptor on earth] and muharb-e ba khada [combatant with God] and was sentenced to execution.

3- Bozorg Alavian (Seyyed Agha Bozorg), son of Ali-Mohammad, a very active and effective member of the Zionist Organizations in Iran with close and constant ties with  Borrah Kavelin, the American Zionist, one of the nine distinguished members of the House of Justice in Haifa, Israel, and the director of the administration and secret gatherings of Zionists and Baha’is all over Tehran and suburbs and cities in the northern part of the country, who, by publishing seductive and persuasive journals and articles against the truth, titled “Vaghaye’ Ettefaqiyeh” [events which happened], spreading deceptive lies, increasing financial assistance through his enormous illegal wealth, in cooperation with inside agents connected to the previous monarchic regime and foreign assistants, fugitives and colonialist Zionist foreigners, effectively attempted to take action against the Islamic Revolution and overthrow it, and was an agent connected to the previous corrupt regime. Therefore, the Revolutionary Court, after reviewing the existing documents and confessions of the accused, during the process of the investigation and in the presence of the court, [considered that] his offences were proved, and based on the charge of corruption on earth, he was sentenced to execution.

The rulings issued by the Central Court of the Islamic Republic Revolution on the above-mentioned were carried out at 9:00 p.m. on Monday 1 Tir [1360] [22 June 1981] within the walls of Evin Prison.

Public Relations [Office of the Prosecutor General of the Central Court of the Islamic Republic