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Number: 20089

Date: 30 Azar 1316 [21 December 1937]

Attachment: ------



Ministry of the Interior

(Eastern Province of Azerbaijan)


The Prime Minister

In response to letter number 13494, the issue of the repeated complaints by the residents of the Village of Seisan regarding the exile of five local farmers is hereby presented to you. As you were informed on 10 Azar 1316 [1 December 1937] through letter number 18854, these individuals have been granted permission to return to their place. The issue of the complaint has been taken care of and it appears that the recent complaint by the residents was sent prior to the date of the action taken by the Province. 

Governor of the Eastern Province of Azerbaijan



[Stamp: Arrived at the Cabinet of the Prime Minister]

Dated: 5 Dey 1316 [26 December 1937]

Number: 13975