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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Kayhan

[Date:] Monday 9 Tir 1359 [30 June 1980] - Seventeen Sha’ban 1400

[Issue No:] 11032

[Page:] 9

State News


By a Five-Member Purification Commission:

One hundred and four employees of the ministry of education in fars dismissed or forced to retire

Shiraz - Kayhan reporter - Files of 183 employees of the Ministry of Education in Fars Province were reviewed by a panel of five adjudicators commissioned from Tehran in relation to the organizational purification process. Out of these [183 employees], 44 were Baha’is, 14 were dismissed, 46 were returned to their duties and 6 were retired. The remaining files were sent to Tehran for further instructions and final decisions.

In an interview with our reporter, Mohammad Reza Abol-Harari, director general of Education in Fars Province, said, “A cleansing process was carried out within the Ministry of Education and Training, and the committee of five continues to carry out the process of reviewing personnel files in Fars”. He added, “So far, 64 orders of ‘ready to serve’ [sic] were issued. Furthermore, during the cleansing process, 44 individuals, pursuant to Article 44 of the State Employment Act, were dismissed owing to [their] non-adherence to one of the officially recognised religions of the State (i.e., being Baha’is), and files of three employees [of the Ministry of Education] who were cooperating with the SAVAK[i] were sent to the Islamic Revolutionary Court in Shiraz for review”. He added, “Letters were sent to grand ayatollahs [such as] Shaikh Bahaedin Mahallati, Sayyid[ii] Abdol-Hossein Dastghayb and Haj Abdol-Rahim Rabbani Shirazi, requesting guidance as to whether or not there was any justification in Sharia law for us to pay the pensions of the [retired] Baha’is”.

The text of this letter is as follows:

To the esteemed Ayatollah Bahaodin Mahallati, esteemed Ayatollah Seyyed Abdol-Hossein Dastghayb, esteemed Ayatollah Shaykh Abdol-Rahim Rabbani Shirazi: A number of government employees who have retired are Baha’is, and their credential numbers are identified. [These individuals] are currently receiving their pensions from the Muslim Treasury Fund. 

Your explicit response is hereby requested as to whether or not Sharia law permits payment of salaries [pensions] to these individuals!


[i] The former [Pahlavi] regime’s intelligence service

[ii] An honorific denoting people accepted as descendants of the Islamic prophet, Mohammad