How to Search

The documents on this site record over seventy years of the persecution of Bahá’ís in Iran. Most are published for the first time. They are predominantly in Persian, but are also available in English translation on the site.

The documents are organised in three different categories on the site - their format (text, video, audio...); their source (government, clergy, individuals…); and their themes (economic pressure, education right, imprisonment…). The themes are also broken down into sub-themes, which indicate additional details within each theme.

These categories, together with the date range (both Gregorian or Iranian calendars) can be used as filters to narrow down the search.

Search Results

The system generates a list of results, which can be sorted by date or relevance, with the following content displayed for each item:

  • Document title
  • Date on which the original document was created (when searching in Persian, Gregorian dates will be shown on the results, but this can be converted to Iranian calendar by clicking on it)
  • Searched word/s, highlighted within the text.
  • Tags: key names and sub-themes in the document are tagged, and are linked to other documents with the same tags.

The following content is provided for each document

  • The title and the tags
  • The scanned image of the original document, if it is a text document, or picture/s, video, or audio, if the document is in these formats. If a file contains several photos, two arrows allow you to scroll from one picture to the next.
  • Searchable text of the document (in Persian and English) which can be searched and copied in text format.
  • PDF file of the text (in Persian and English), which opens in a new tab, and can be saved as a PDF image.
  • A list of related documents, containing the same name/s or the same sub-theme/s. 
Combination of Search and Filters
  1. Using filters first: click on search with no word/s to see the list of all the documents on the site. You can then select a filter or a combination of filters (format, source, theme) and set a date range to get to specific documents.  Beware that having gone through this route, using the search function will cancel the filters and go back to the general list.
  2. Using search first: starting a search in the landing page will bring up all the results for the searched word/s. The filter bar to the left can then be used to narrow down the results by format, source and theme.