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[Personal information has been redacted.]


Public number:‎ 4012

Private number:‎ ------

Ledger:‎ ------

File:‎ ------



Office of the Prime Minister


Type of draft:‎ ------

Subject of draft:‎ ------

Attachment:‎ ------

Clean copy writer:‎ ------


Date written:‎ ------, Date of clean copy:‎ ------, Month:‎ ------, Date recorded:‎ 16 Khordad 1305 ‪[7 June 1926]‬


On behalf of the Cabinet


Esteemed Office of Police Administration

What are the details of the murder incident in Jahrom, in which a few individuals, including someone by the name of Maraghi, were killed?‎ According to the order by His Excellency the Prime Minister, we request that you instruct that a detailed report of the incident be sent immediately.‎