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12 Mehr 1366 [4 October 1987]


In the Name of God

The following is respectfully conveyed to the honourable Head of the Supreme Court of Justice, Ayatollah Mousavi Ardabili:

I, Ziaollah Motearefi am a resident of Babolsar. Last year, I received an invitation from the Telecommunication Department of Babolsar, numbered 8617, dated 9 Dey 1365 [30 December 1986], to go to the Subscribers Affairs Office of Telecommunication Department for the [telephone] connection with statement [bill] number 245742, dated 11 Farvardin 1359 [31 March 1980].

After I went to the above-mentioned office, I deposited 134,750 rials into Bank Melli according to letter numbers 10165, 10166 and 10167, dated 1 Bahman 1365 [21 January 1987] and statement numbers 342074, 342075, 342076 and 342077, and obtained a receipt. After the installation of the cables and the assignment of telephone number [redacted] and its registration in the ownership deed of the house, I went to pick up the telephone. The esteemed official who was apparently one of the employees, summoned me outside the office and asked, “Are you a Baha’i?” I replied yes. He said, “Based on the order of the high authorities, we are not allowed to give a telephone to you and the likes of you.” After the above matter was shared with the esteemed head of the Telecommunication of Babolsar, he said, “Write a letter to the Telecommunication Department of Babolsar and in response to your letter, we will write the reason for not giving you a telephone.” As you can see, on that same day of 2 Bahman 1365 [22 January 1987], I immediately wrote and delivered a letter to the Telecommunication Department of Babolsar a copy of which is enclosed. Days and weeks passed by, time and time again, I went in person to get an answer but no response. Briefly, after a few months, on 5 Mordard 1366 [27 July 1987], I wrote a follow-up to the previous letter, and took it to the Telecommunication Department of Babolsar and again that was not addressed at all and did not receive a reply. I went to the legal office of Central Telecommunication [Department] and asked them for help. They said, “This law is implemented only in Mazandaran Province and there is nothing we can do.” Now, dear head of the Supreme Court, I am asking you for help. Do we Baha’is not have the right to use the telephone, which is one of the necessities of life like electricity, water and food stamps? Does the constitution of our dear country ignore our citizenship right too? And God forbid, does the Province of Mazandaran have a constitution other than the constitution of our country? How is it that in all the provinces of Iran, all the people were equally given telephones and the issue of religion was not raised, but in this province, they practice inquisition of beliefs? At any rate, I implore Your Excellency if there is such a law, I and people like me will accept it and will obey the law of the Islamic Republic of Iran wholeheartedly. However, if such a law has not been ratified, at least issue orders so that the ill-intentions of individuals are prevented and that the telephone belonging to me gets connected and handed over to me, as the law permits. I thank you for your attention in advance.

Ziaollah Motearefi



[Handwritten note at the bottom of the page]

In the Name of God

It is very surprising that there are still people who consider Baha’ism, this sect which was created by colonialism, as a religion and are not willing to think about the main issue, how this sect was created and the purpose and thought of its founders and consider themselves as a religious minority?!! At any rate, the request of the applicant will be sent to Babolsar’s Telecommunication for consideration, investigation and his guidance.


10 Azar 1366 [1 December 1987]



The Supreme Court, Correspondence Affairs]


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Entered into the records of the Supreme Court

5 Aban 1366 [27 October 1987]

Number: 71133