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In the Name of God

Dear and Valued Brother, Dr. Hojjati

Honourable Minister of Agriculture Jihad [Organization]


Peace be upon you!

Respectfully, referring to letter number 5/022/5039, dated 18 Azar 1393 [9 December 2014] and letter number 020/6413, dated 11 Khordad 1395 [31 May 2016], from the above-mentioned office regarding the transfer of the land deed assigned to Mioun Lobar Company in Semnan Province, the following is hereby submitted:

In the year 1371 [1992/1993], the members of this company, who are all active farmers and ranchers in Semnan, received an area of 50 hectares of rocky and arid lands from the Natural Resources Department of Semnan Province to implement a project for horticulture and cultivation of wheat and barley by pressurized irrigation. This project was the first irrigation project in the province; it was praised and encouraged by provincial officials and was declared as a model farm.

Considering that this company has fully implemented the agricultural plan (forage work and orchard creation) in accordance with the provisions of the contract between it and the relevant ministry, after the rehabilitation of the mentioned land in 1379-1380 [2000-2002], based on the expert opinion on the price at the time and at the request and coordination of the relevant managers, an amount of 80,000,000 tomans was paid to receive the deeds for the land from the Department of Natural Resources of Semnan Province. In the meantime, we have requested the title documents. Despite the many follow-ups and pieces of correspondence that we have had with the Agricultural Jihad Organization of Semnan Province, unfortunately, they have not achieved the desired result from the Semnan Agricultural Jihad Organization.

Dear Dr. Hojjati, in the holy religion of Islam, when a seller has completed a sales transaction regarding a property, is it not considered sold?

The Natural Resources Department of Semnan has received 80,000,000 tomans from the company for the property, while there were still five years left until the end of the lease. On the other hand, the head office of Natural Resources of Semnan Province, in letter number 14062/G33, dated 24 Mordad 1380 [15 August 2001] addressed to Mr. Kalantari, then head of the State Forest and Rangeland Organization, submitted a written report of the case, in which it stated and certified that up to the date of the letter, 42,000,000 tomans had been received from the applicant (Mioun Lobar Company) and it was agreed that the rest would be paid before presenting it to the office (a photocopy is attached).

Do not these sums received prove that the Head Office of Natural Resources has declared me the owner of the mentioned lands?

Why is it that three years after the expiration of the contract, i.e. eight years after the purchase of the land and the formation of the supervisory board the sales contract has been cancelled by the mentioned organization?

Surprisingly, the supervisory board was formed, and it voted with the internal members of this organization. Are you not aware of the fact that I was not a tenant, but I was the owner, and this is against the laws and regulations governing the contract between me and the Natural Resources Department of Semnan Province?!

As stated in the preamble of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic, in the view of Islam, government does not derive from the interests of a class, nor does it serve the domination of an individual or a group. The government as a trustee and agent of the people is, above all, a moral and legal concept, and the government of prudence and hope, which has come to power with the slogan of prudence and deliberation, and which relies on rights, must force everyone to abide by the rules of law. The full authority of the law is the denial of the authenticity of other legal sources, and the Semnan Agricultural Jihad Organization cannot directly create a new rule and act contrary to the established rules of Sharia and law. We also have rights, and our rights must be protected. God willing, in the shadow of the order and will of the government, the concept of right and duty will be created.

Therefore, I expect the government of prudence do justice, and hope that the mind of justice and the arms of the government will be harmonized, and [I] expect Your Honour, as the minister of Agriculture Jihad, who is one of the founders of justice, to exercise a position worthy of Islamic justice for farmers.

I have sought protection from that esteemed and senior official of the Ministry of Agriculture Jihad, who, I hope, will not ignore this injustice, and with the special care of Your Excellency, compensate for some of the damages that have been inflicted on me over the past few years.

Mr. Hojjati, esteemed minister, is it fair for the government of prudence and hope, whose slogan is prudence and hope, to treat with imprudence and disaffection an exemplary farmer in this way and to such an extent, who has spent 50 years of his life in the agricultural sector and been the source of goodness and many blessings in the field of agricultural products and animal husbandry?

Is this action appropriate in the regime of the Republic of Iran? Are you really aware of the injustice that the Agricultural Jihad Organization has done to us? It seems that the news and information related to this issue have not been conveyed to that esteemed official.

It is worth mentioning that by the influence and association of the Land Affairs Organization and the Department of Natural Resources, after 25 years, the above lands have been taken out of the hands of us farmers; we cultivated these lands through this company with great sacrifice and had reached the stage of production. Currently, the lands are at the disposal of the security department of the Agricultural Jihad Organization of Semnan Province with the aim of giving the lands to others, and with this arbitrary action and the incapability of the perpetrators of this unusual event, they will destroy the mentioned orchards.

Therefore, Your Honour, knowing you, who has fourteen years of experience in the Ministry of Agriculture Jihad, and who has a special attention and will in promotion and position of the agricultural sector, conversion industries, entrepreneurship, productive and efficient employment, and considering Your Honour’s jihadist spirit and the good intentions that you have towards investors in the agricultural sector, I have worked in the direction of extensive and constructive interaction with the esteemed government of prudence and hope, in order to make optimal use of the country’s soil and water capacities and have brought about the prosperity of the economy by producing strategic pistachio products in the region and creating useful and productive employment. Now I am an elderly farmer who has suffered as a result of the mistakes and errors of the staff in the Natural Resources Department of Semnan Province, considering my knowledge and perceptions of the good intentions of Your Honour, who has a special respect for the status and dignity of farmers and is benevolent to the Iranian agricultural sector, I hope you will also look into our situation, and you will remove this bitterness of the times and this great sorrow that is sitting on the souls of us farmers. I have written to that esteemed and senior official of the Ministry of Jihad for Agriculture many times, because I always have hope and confidence that you will not ignore this injustice. We have inevitably taken refuge in that lofty position in order to compensate for part of the damages that have been inflicted on us in these few years, so that, with your grace and good will, part of it might be compensated.

I am presenting this written petition, pleading for justice from that esteemed official of the Ministry of Jihad of Agriculture, and swearing to God Almighty, the All-Knowing, the Omniscient, that you will instruct them to take these issues seriously and take the usual urgent action to resolve it.

I thank you sincerely in advance for the attention you will grant.

With appreciation,

Ziaollah Motearefi

CEO of Mioun Lobar Animal Husbandry and Agriculture Company


Copy to:

  • The Office of the Supreme Leader, greetings, for information and issuing necessary orders to prevent the destruction of agricultural orchards.
  • Esteemed chairman of the Agriculture Commission of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, greetings, for information and issuing necessary orders to prevent the destruction of agricultural orchards.
  • Esteemed chairman of the Commission for Article 90 [of the Constitution] of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, greetings, for information and issuing necessary orders to prevent the destruction of agricultural orchards.