Ziaollah Maniei-Uskuie

Born: 1920, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

Died in Tabriz prison on 13 November 1984


Ziaollah Maniei-Uskuie was seven years old when his family returned to Iran.  After completing his high school as well as two years military services in Tabriz, he pioneered to Zabol in 1941.  He married in 1948 and remained in his pioneering post for over thirty years.  In 1974 his wife and children moved to Tehran for medical treatment and care for one of their children.  He joined them three years later and they eventually settled in Urmia. 

He was arrested on 27 July 1981 in Urmia; the first Baha’i to be arrested in that city.  After two months of imprisonment in Urmia, he was transferred to Tabríz prison.  He suffered from a heart condition and in early November 1984 he had a severe heart attack in prison.  He was taken to the prison hospital but did not receive necessary medical care and passed away on 13 November 1984.  The coroner reported that his death was “due to unnatural causes.”


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