Ziaollah Haghighat

Born: 1928, Khanikahdan, Khafr, Fars

Murdered in Jahrom, Fars on 13 August 1978


Ziaollah Haghighat was born into a Baha’i family.  He married in 1960 and then moved to Jahrom where he was employed by the National Oil Company.  He was a member of the Local Spiritual Assembly[1] of Jahrom and continued in that capacity for 18 years.

On 13 August 1978, at the beginning of the Islamic Revolution, he was hit by a motorcycle while on his way to work in the morning. He sustained severe injuries to his body and was found by his brother-in-law and taken to a local hospital.  The hospital staff refused to attend to him.  After much insistence by a Baha’i doctor he was transferred by ambulance to Namazi hospital in Shiraz.  Three days later he passed away.  His family pleaded with the authorities to pursue his case and bring his murderer to justice, but their efforts were in vain.


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[1]  Local Spiritual Assembly: a nine-member administrative body elected annually by the Baha’is of a particular area, tasked with overseeing the affairs of the Baha’i community of that area.