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[Personal information has been redacted.]


Iran Zerox Paint Co [illegible] company

P.O.Box 51-1924

Tehran - Iran

Number: 66[illegible]

Date: 30 Azar 1360 [21 December 1981]


In the Name of God

Mr. Afshin Nowrouzi-Iranzad

In accordance with the directive of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, it is prohibited to hire and/or employ followers of the Baha’i sect in governmental departments, organizations, or companies. As there are no documents in your personnel file to confirm your adherence to one of the officially-recognized religions of the country, you are accordingly requested to complete the form provided below and forward it urgently to the Personnel Office of this company so as to remove any doubt and misgiving [regarding your religious beliefs].

With thanks,


Bahram Navaie