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[Personal information has been redacted.]

[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Zelzeleh

[Date:] 24 Mehr 1334 [17 October 1955]

[Issue No.:] 278


The Pepsi Cola factory is the gathering location for the Baha’is in place of [their] Haziratu’l-Quds.

O People, Pepsi Cola is impure - Pepsi Cola is forbidden - Pepsi Cola is addictive. Pepsi Cola: It is the gift of the Baha’is and it poisons the Muslims; avoid drinking it, stay away from drinking it, or you will be regretful. [The arrest of] the producers of lemonade, instigated by Habib Sabet, the fraudster and cunning head of the Baha’i sect, brought to light the filthy nature of this untouchable man].

The [readiness] of Habib Sabet, the Baha’i, to poison Muslims and empty the pockets of Iranians continues every day in different ways, and this obscene man without putting a stop to his evil practices or hesitating to encourage and entice the simple-hearted people to drink this foul-smelling alcoholic drink and sludge-laden syrup.

He has tried strange and bizarre propaganda [tactics] that not even the Devil’s mind could have thought of. Sometimes, through the tragic and horrific conflagration of his factory, he attracts the attention of the press, which is involuntarily compelled to publish the false and fabricated news.

They publish the news, mentioning the name of Pepsi Cola, which reaches the ears of all the people of Iran, without having paid a dinar for the news, which is the best publicity for the Pepsi Cola plant: 

Now, pay attention so that the author can remind you, the valued readers, of his prediction again.

Before this fake and prefabricated conflagration happened at the factory, by publishing a long and comprehensive article, we revealed the evil intentions of Habib Sabet and his partners and published in detail the negative publicity of these despicable Baha’is, and through reliable sources of information wrote that, “Habib Sabet has decided to advertise and instigate a few people to complain to the prosecutor’s office and the competent authorities to [call] Pepsi Cola’s fame and its consumption harmful and unpleasant, and then make a controversy, and, by resorting to and collaborating with partners and shareholders, [feign] innocence, and thus encourage the people of Iran to drink the ‘death cocktail’ with peace of mind.”

Our article had its effect and temporarily stopped Habib Sabet from taking action. Instead, he changed the scene and played a ridiculous role, meaning that he deliberately set fire to some straws and broken boxes. So the following day the incident of fire in the Pepsi Cola factory was reflected in all the central region’s press in great detail, informing all the inhabitants of the country of the existence of such a factory and such a beverage and then taking advantage of his negative advertising.

Having noticed the daily reduction in the number of consumers of Pepsi Cola and the decrease of sales to 100,000 bottles, the fiery articles of Zelzeleh [newspaper] unveiled the sinister and criminal faces of the enemies of Iranians, and, like a strong dam, stopped the flood of the advertisements of these nefarious [enemies] and informed the public of the deadly and addictive ingredients of Pepsi Cola, prohibiting the Muslims from drinking this death cocktail, which causes (stomach) ulcers and cancer. Thus, it has unravelled the evil intentions of the perverse Baha’i sect, being no less than taking revenge from the Quran worshippers. [Sabet] clung to every abhorrent and despicable act. Thus, because he could not succeed, even by resorting to all kinds of resolve, in preventing the publication and dissemination of the anti-Baha’i and anti-Pepsi Cola articles, he eventually carried out his initial decision, which we brought to the attention of Muslims weeks ago, and exposed his evil intention by compelling a few people to file a complaint that the taste of Pepsi Cola was nasty and the smell of it sickening.

…We informed the respected readers about this wicked cunning by publishing repeated articles and had brought to the attention of the noble and kind-hearted people of Iran the examples and deception of this element of hypocrisy and [rapaciousness]. Therefore, there is no need to explain again the story of this adventurer; but, [in order] to illuminate the minds of the authorities, we would like to mention that Pepsi Cola’s bottles are more expensive than their contents, as they are made abroad.

The producers of lemonade are most likely unable to buy the empty bottles, and should Pepsi Cola vendors not return the empty bottles and even the empty Pepsi Cola crates, they would be deprived of selling them and would have to pay six rials to compensate for each bottle…

…Since we are not informed of the operations of the lemonade makers, we remain silent for now, but we are certain that Habib Sabet, the Baha’i, would resort to any action to reproduce Pepsi Cola and increase sales, and to advance his decadent desires and the evil intentions of the Baha’is, and would cling to any base action—so much so that we are informed that the current factory will be transferred to Abadan, and that a greater factory has been ordered for Tehran. If the Muslims do not react severely by sanctioning this dangerous potion and thwarting the operations of this impure and fearless Baha’i, soon he will extend his branches across the Islamic country of Iran and endanger the health of millions of people and gather enormous amounts of capital to advance the goals of the Baha’is. And presently the Pepsi Cola factory has replaced the Haziratu’l-Quds as a shelter and meeting place of the Baha’is and Baha’i Assembly, giving refuge to the expelled and rejected Baha’is, employing them as accountants and bookkeepers, etc., opening other shelters in the name of Pepsi Cola in Abadan and other key parts of the country and fearlessly providing a place for gatherings of untouchables.


Other astounding news

Dear readers, while writing this article, we received a credible report from lemonade producers about the frauds of Pepsi Cola, that one should really marvel at the mischief, [wickedness] and knavery of Habib Sabet(!) Do you know what this scoundrel devil has done?

While we were fighting openly and relentlessly, we had also [secretly] taken effective measures to prove our claims by effective actions. We were intending to present strong evidence and documents to prove our case, should he try to counteract our stories in the press, [labelling] our disclosure of the truth as slander and accusation.

Our actions consisted of purchasing a few bottles of Pepsi Cola during the early days after this factory was established and [while] this criminal was offering it to people free of charge in order to deceive them. Being aware of the foul nature of Habib Sabet and the quality of the death potion Pepsi Cola, we [were able to send] them abroad to analyse its ingredients in the laboratories so they could inform the newspaper of the results. We received the response a few days ago from Europe. It was clearly confirmed that drinking Pepsi Cola is extremely harmful and, in particular, it causes [stomach] ulcers and cancer. [The rest of this paragraph is unintelligible to the translator]

Drink Pepsi Cola and you will be well known as opium addicts and they will prepare you places such as Mehran Garden, where you will become people’s entertainment tools and the subjects of the journalists.

Drink Pepsi Cola so that Baha’is do not cry out and complain to the organization [sic] claiming that religious minorities do not have security in Iran. (Even though they are not a religious minority and, as said by the Muslims, they are a perverse sect like smashed glass and do not know anything about religion and faith). Since Pepsi Cola is made by the Baha’is, and made of liquids, if it is mixed with cocaine and alcohol and combined with specific ingredients, it causes the dangerous diseases of [gastric] ulcer and cancer.

Dear readers, respected co-religionists, dear Iranians, know that the editorial board of this newspaper has no intention or purpose in writing these articles except to protect your health and neutralize the operations of the enemies of Islam, and we swear by the Almighty God that the authors of these articles do not know Habib Sabet, nor have they seen his impure person. What we have written is far from debate and fallacy, but is truth and close to reality.

Our death is our religion, our faith, our prophet and imam. We receive much news and information from trusted people and reliable reports from all corners and everywhere, of the operation of this dangerous group and impure sect. We also look into the news in different ways and [by various] means, and then, by respecting the general policy, considering the country’s interests, publish parts of that. As our Islamic duty and journalists’ duty towards the Muslims, and even religious minorities, we assure and remind, and even request and plead with them, that they do not uproot themselves, and avoid drinking this sludge syrup and this foul-smelling drink, the drinking of which, in addition to addiction, will cause ulcers and cancer. 

They have their backs to the Himalayan ranges and their pockets lead to oceans of dollars; however, these ungodly [people] were unaware that all their financial [security] and strength is but a soap bubble against the small spiritual power, and that truth always prevails—just as we witnessed and they observed that the sale of this impure liquid decreased since the first day we began publishing articles against Pepsi Cola, reaching a third and even less. 

However, Habib Sabet and his disgusting shareholders and indifferent partners have not remained inactive, resorting to a variety of tricks to prevent the publication and distribution of Zelzeleh Newspaper. But they always hit a dead end, and Zelzeleh has shaken the foundation of the Baha’is and the Pepsi Cola factory.