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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Zelzeleh

[Date:] 6 Azar 1334 [28 November 1955]

[Issue No.:] 284


Was Mr. Seyyed Mostafa Kashani Poisoned and Died Of Pepsi Cola?!

Pepsi-Cola finally showed its dangerous nature. Finally (the death potion) sent one of the sons of the homeland to the land of non-existence.

Although the sale of Pepsi Cola in France was recently banned by law and Habib Sabet also banned the consumption of Pepsi Cola with alcohol two weeks ago, by placing an advertisement in the high-circulation newspapers and admitted that it was poisoned, why, despite the fact that Pepsi-Cola has been [analyzed] and proven to be mixed with cocaine, special alcohol and other toxic substances, [did this happen]???!!!

The mysterious and unexpected death of Mr. Seyyed Mostafa Kashani, member of parliament, a young, healthy, strong and experienced son of Mr. Seyyed Abol-Ghasem Kashani, made the curious reporters of this newspaper enter through other channels and disclose the real cause of [his] strange and untimely death.

Of course, dear readers are aware of the details of the case, which have been published in various newspapers, and they know that the late Kashani spent his last night first in Mr. Naji’s house and then in his private garden in Shemiran, and that he came home after midnight. He went to his bedroom with pale, blue lips and a dark face and did not lift up his head from the pillow anymore. So far, everyone is aware of the situation, and it has been proven to the public that the late Kashani was either poisoned or he poisoned himself for some reason. Our reporter, who has been following the case everywhere, reports:

“After the body of the late Kashani had been transported to the hospital and an autopsy had been performed, [it became known that] the whole stomach was healthy and only black substance was seen in his stomach; that black substance was the same dangerous potion of Pepsi Cola. While regretting the news of the death of Mr. Seyyed Mostafa, we were not surprised to hear this news.”

… On the other hand, we called on the competent authorities and the judiciary and health services, and even begged, pleaded and revealed the evil intentions and evil plans of the founder of the factory and the perverse community, and we wrote that the evil goal of this group is to empty the pockets of Iranians, take revenge on Muslims, addict the youth, and poison our compatriots and colleagues. [While] there is time, and [before] drinking this dangerous drink has become common in the families and restaurants, and people have become addicted, close the factory and prosecute the operators and destroy the refuge of the thieves of religion and faith.

It is not clear what mystery was hidden in the contents of the Pepsi Cola bottles, that neither the judicial authorities paid attention to all this unquestionable evidence, nor did the health authorities take any steps to discover the case and protect the health of the people.

Why did the Ministry of Health and the judicial authorities close their mouths in this regard and allow the drinking of [this] “death drink”?!!