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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Zelzeleh

[Date:] 24 Mehr 1334 [17 October 1955]

[Issue No:] 278


Letter received

Do Not Drink the Bitter Colocynth (Pepsi Cola)

I invite the Muslim brothers and sisters not to drink Pepsi Cola, which is bitter like colocynth, and in this holy fight, the Muslims of Iran are your collaborators and supporters. [May] God the Counsellor suffice us.

In the Name of the Almighty God

To Mr. Pour-Etezadi, the courageous director of the honourable Zelzeleh Newspaper and its editorial board:

Being aware of the long history of your intense, brilliant struggles in the past and present, I have admired the continuation of your intense writing, combatting the foreign infidels and mercenaries who, appearing in various forms and titles, are engaged in spying and treason and have always strived to destroy the foundation of worshiping God, nation and mankind.

Nevertheless, since your pen is our language, I must, as an Iranian Muslim, admire you for this holy struggle to disgrace the enemies of Islam and Iran and the traitors of the land and nation, i.e., the detested Baha’is, and the Baha’i communal and animalistic ideology; I declare my agreement and that of my Muslim brothers in this continuous struggle.

Yes, this detested and unapproved minority, which is a thousand times worse than the detested Toudeh Party in being unchaste, impure and traitorous, and [being] spies of the foreigners, since the holy month of Ramadan, through the sacrifices of Mr. Falsafi and other erudite [Muslims], witnessed the sentiments and excitement of the people against themselves and witnessed how the Haziratu’l-Quds, or their centre of spying and infidelity, was destroyed by Muslim brothers and soldiers, [and] to compensate, [they] have clung to any means to take revenge indirectly.

One of their deadly and poisonous weapons of destruction today is the unpleasant Pepsi Cola; its fast influence on the drinker’s nervous system has become apparent.

Those who drank this bitter colocynth [Pepsi Cola] were all influenced by the initial advertisements, on which 10 million rials were spent, and there was no stable thought and consciousness involved in this work. (And this baseless and unreasonable reaction [to advertisement], prevents the human mind from contemplating matters and it numbs the [human] mind and makes him move, like a mosquito hanging in the air, with the slightest breeze). I invite my Muslim brothers and sisters to investigate more about this issue and not to endanger their lives and poison themselves by drinking this deadly venom.

You can pay the same amount of money and instead drink fruit juices, the potential benefits of which are approved by all internal and external physicians, and undoubtedly are far more beneficial than Pepsi Cola (while Pepsi Cola does not have the slightest benefit).

I am grateful to Mr. Pour-Etezadi and the editorial board, who spare no effort in enlightening the public opinion, and would I mention that not only I myself, but all the Muslims of Iran are in agreement with you and support this holy struggle; although only God would be sufficient.

God’s assistance is sufficient unto me,

Respectfully yours,

Morteza Sajedi


Zelzeleh - We assure Mr. Sajedi and the general Muslim community that we will continue pursuing the goal of getting rid of the Baha’is and disgracing Habib Sabet.