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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Zelzeleh

[Date:] 25 Ordibehesht 1334 [16 May 1955]

[Issue No.:] 161


The Dying and Spying Baha’is Ordered by the Detested and Oppressed Tudeh [Party] Claim That Religious Minorities Are Not Safe!

Everyone has heard the famous saying, “The gate can be closed, but the mouth of the interloper cannot be closed”, and probably everyone, several times a day, is reminded of it.

Actually, this saying reveals that the voyeur is a voyeur in any case, and when the voyeur is also particularly biased, then it is obvious how far the scope of his interference reaches.

The incidents that took place last week in Tehran—that is, the fighting against the unpatriotic Baha’i community—provided the opportunity for the enemies of Iran and the foreign agents with Iranian identity, who obey the foreigners, to poison the public opinion.

This group has always taken advantage of every opportunity and has forged words. Everyone knows that Mr. Falsafi, notoriously disgraced and dishonoured the Baha’i party by disclosing their destructive and sinister propaganda, during the recent days at the Sultani Mosque, and their sabotage and negative propaganda [illegible] law and order following the public opinions [illegible], the person of His Imperial Majesty [illegible] holy Islam, organization…

... The corruption and espionage of the Baha’is was occupied, and it ended without the slightest fuss, and as far as we know, some people who were accused and famous for being members of this infamous group, realizing the superficiality of this organization, introduced themselves to the law enforcement authorities and expressed remorse for their association with the Baha’is, and this act was so small and insignificant that not even a single person protested or resisted it. And it must be acknowledged that from the “Baha’i spiritual values” point of view, the occupation of the Hazirat’ul-Quds has done a great service by dishonouring this perverse sect and making it unimportant.

It is ridiculous that today, when those songs no longer have supporters, just as one day Mossadegh and his gang came out and incited the democrats to riot, the failed masses have started to act in every way and provoke a handful of Baha’is, and on the pretext that religious minorities lack security, show them the way, and a group, by growing beards, pretends to be devoted Muslims, forcing the fanatical Muslims to become sentimentally agitated for the sole purpose of creating disorder and disturbing the public order!!! None of their plans were implemented, since the law enforcement system, particularly the military governor, has been fully awake and vigilant and has been following them like a shadow, in addition to destroying their actions and being aware of their plans.

The Baha’is, by orders of the shabby Tudeh party, say that the religious minorities in Iran do not have security! Whereas the religious minorities do not have [as much] peace and tranquillity anywhere in the world as they do in Iran.

In conclusion, the Iranian people, the Iranian Constitution and the Parliament do not recognize the Baha’is among the official religions, and in all countries, if there were a few Baha’is, they were not introduced as a religion. The religious minorities in Tehran are the followers of Christian, Jewish, and Zoroastrian religions, whose rights and limits are set out in the Constitution. Not only do their representatives in the National Assembly and among the Shiite Muslim representatives vote in the revision and approval of laws, but among the Muslim people, they have enjoyed all the legal benefits—namely, having notaries and marriage and divorce offices, and in terms of their qualifications, they have private offices. However, it is a shame to say that religious minorities in Iran are insecure!!