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Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Culture and Higher Education


In the Name of God

Date: 6 Azar 1367 [27 November 1988]

Number: 2383

Enclosure: -----

Unit: -----


Mr.: Zekrollah Koushk-Baghi

Student’s field of study: Automobile industries

University: Isfahan

Your request for investigation into your file was received. Considering the content of your file and that you have been prohibited from continuing your education, accused of association with a perverse sect, in order for us to investigate and make a decision and for you to continue your studies, you are required to forward to this Board documents (copy of announcement of recantation) proving that you have recanted your [belief in] the mentioned sect, three times, in highly circulated national newspapers. Should you not submit the mentioned documents, you will be treated in accordance with the guidelines. /

From the Executive Board of Investigation into the status of suspended students

Ministry of Culture and Higher Education

[Signature and official stamp]