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In the Name of God

Date: 19 Mordad 1370 [10 August 1991]


President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Mr. Ali Akbar Rafsanjani,

I am Zahra Roohizadegan Jahromi, wife of Abbas Ali Zareian Jahromi. My husband worked for over 30 years at the Iran Oil Company, from Aban 1329 [October 1950] to 15 Esfand 1359 [6 March 1981], without any administrative offence, with a salary established by the Islamic Consultative Assembly, a salary of 86,300 rials. However, this pension has been paid up to Ordibehesht 1361 [April 1982], and [he has] not been paid since then.

Now, it is over ten years that our family has been deprived of its rights, despite the fact that Article 23 of Iran’s Constitution states, “Inquisition of belief is prohibited and nobody should be the subject of aggression and accusation because of his/her belief”.

Although we have reported the stoppage of our salary payments to all the relevant organizations in the Islamic Republic of Iran, [we have] neither [received a reply], nor [has our report had] any effect.

As in Islam, the divine justice has been emphasized more than any other ordinance; therefore, I am requesting you to administer justice. Mr. Rafsanjani, my husband is over 74 years old, and I am also an elderly woman of 64 [years]. Due to advanced age, weakness and inability to work, I cannot earn [money to cover] our expenses. Now that you are occupying the position of justice, we ask you to pay attention to our livelihood and administer justice.

Finally, I feel it is important to mention that all of these injustices and the reason for interrupting the payment of my husband’s salary is due to our belief in the Baha’i religion.

Requesting God’s confirmation,

Zahra Roohizadegan, Abbas Ali Zareian Jahromi’s wife, worker number: [redacted] Pipeline and Telecommunication Area of Shiraz

Address: [redacted]