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[Personal information has been redacted.]



Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Culture and Higher Education


In the Name of God


Date 16/11/1367 [5 February 1989]

Number [illegible]

Enclosure -----

Unit -----


Mr. [illegible]

Student of Geology, University of [illegible]


Your request for a review of your file was received.  Considering the content of your file and the fact that you have been suspended from continuing your studies based on allegations of your affiliation with the perverse sect, in order to continue your studies, you must provide documents proving your renouncement of said sect by submitting to this committee copies of your recantation published three times in national newspapers with wide circulation, so we can consider the matter and make a decision.  In the event of your failure to provide the aforementioned documents, you will be dealt with in accordance with the regulations


Executive Committee for [investigating] the cases of [suspended] students

On behalf of the Ministry of Culture and Higher Education

[Signature over official stamp]