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Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of National Defence

(Telephone -----)


In the Name of God


From: ABVB-A-JAA[1] (Retirement Unit)

To: Retired Sergeant-Major Karamatollah Ghodrati-Hesari

Subject: Response to your report


Number: 701-03-45

Date: 12/3/1360 [2 June 1981]



It beseems you, in presence of one of the religious authorities, to convert to the true religion of Islam, and announce your conversion in one of the nation’s widely circulated newspapers.  You should then submit the statement of conversion and said newspaper along with a one-page report to this Office, so that you can be dealt with according to the [pertinent] regulations.


Director of ABVB-A-JAA, Colonel of Army Staff Arab-Shahin



Address: [address]



6- Action to be carried out -


Taking care of the People’s Public Treasury is worship and service to humanity.

(Year 1359 [1980/81] is the year of maintenance)













[1] [Acronym: Pension and Insurance Office of the Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran]