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The Islamic Republic of Iran

The Ministry of Culture and Higher Education


Date: [Illegible]

Number: 2077

Attachment: -----

Unit: -----


Mr. Shaharm Eshraghi Najafabadi

Student of: Electronics

University of Shiraz

Your petition for an investigation into [your] case was received. Considering the content of your case and the fact that you have been banned from continuing your education on charges of affiliation with a perverted sect, it is necessary that you send evidence of a three-time renunciation of the mentioned sect, published in the widely circulated newspapers of the country, to this board (photocopy of the renunciation), so it can be reviewed and a decision made. If you do not provide the above documents, you will be treated according to the rules.


On behalf of the Executive Board for the Study of Suspended Students

The Ministry of Culture and Higher Education