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[Adapted from website:] Young Journalists Club

[Date:] 27 Azar 1392 [18 December 2013]


The Documentary “Meeting with Darkness” is Examined

Baha’ism and its Background in Iran

The documentary “Meeting the Darkness”, with the theme of finding and hiding the Baha’i political sect, is being broadcast on the news network.

According to the report of the radio and television division of the Journalists’ Club, quoting the public relations office news network, the documentary called “Meeting with Darkness”, on the subject of finding and hiding the Baha’i political sect, began [broadcasting] on Saturday, 23 Azar [14 December], every day at 20:30 and repeated the next day at 11:30 on this network.

The history and causes of the formation of Baha’ism, studying the beliefs and teachings of Baha’ism, scholars’ and historians’ views on the betrayal of Baha’ism throughout history, the exploitation of Baha’ism by the United States, Britain and the Zionist regime, and Baha’ism during the Pahlavi regime are among the issues documented here.

In this documentary, authorities and experts such as Dr. Jamshid Sedaghatkish, Hojatoleslam Mousavizadeh, Hojatoleslam Mehrabi, Omid Rezaie and Hosein Salarvand are interviewed.

A number of renegade Baha’i individuals have also participated in the documentary, expressing the shocking nature of the Baha’i sect organization’s brutal and inhumane treatment.

It is worth mentioning that “Meeting the Darkness” has been produced in six episodes of 25 minutes each, produced by Iman Goudarzi in the political group of the Khabar Network.