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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Adapted from website:] Young Journalists Club

[Date:] 5 Bahman 1388 [25 January 2010]


The Baha’i Sect Acknowledges Its Comprehensive Presence in Recent Unrest in Iran

Following the revelation of the role of the Baha’is, along with other affiliated groups, in the events of Ashura, the central Bahaist organization in Israel, in its latest statement addressed to the sect’s supporters and their affiliates, while inviting the instigators to play an active role in the unrest, accepted its organizing role as a subversive sect and opponent of the Islamic Republic.

Based on the report from the Journalists Club, the central office of Zionist Baha’i groups in the port of Haifa—in the Israeli occupied territories—in a recent statement, clearly refuted all the previous claims of this Zionist organization by saying that the Baha’is should not interfere in political affairs, and should avoid violence, and has exposed the role of this movement as a political party organized by Israel.

In this statement, while acknowledging the purely political and violent orders of the movement during the recent riots, which caused division and  wavering in the deceived body of Baha’ism, it is stated that, “The Baha’is must continue to take part in large-scale riots to achieve the sect’s goals.”

The leaders of the Bahaist sect, while confirming that Baha’is in Iran regularly consult with their headquarters in the Zionist regime about taking part in the riots, reaffirmed the leadership role of this movement and stated, “The offices of the Baha’i group, most of which are based in Israel, are a means to direct and organize their powers, and individuals often consult with these institutions to decide about their actions.”

The statement lamented the dismissal of the teams that had been organizing in Iran in February 2009 by order of the attorney general of Iran, and encouraged the Baha’is to consult with their confidants about how to participate in the insurgency, reiterating that while they must continue with the old ways, [they] need to act with newer tricks to achieve their goals.

The statement added, “Baha’is must be diligent in carrying out these tasks”, enumerating some methods of soft warfare, such as attending lectures, purposeful conversations and writing articles.

In the end, the Baha’i headquarters in Israel has supported the instigators inside Iran and stressed that it would always support them.