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[Adapted from website:] Young Journalists Club

[Date:] 8 Bahman 1398 [28 January 2020]


The Facts About the Capillary Influence of Baha’is in Pahlavi Education

One area of Baha’i influence was the Ministry of Education, known as the Ministry of Strategy.

According to the Young Journalists Club’s web group, the shah paved the way for the Baha’is to join the Pahlavi regime. They gradually infiltrated all government offices, and as Hoveyda came to power as a well-known Baha’i, a large number of his cabinet members were elected from among the fanatical Baha’is.

One area of Baha’i influence was the Ministry of Education, known as the Ministry of Strategy. Farrokhrou Parsa, the Baha’i minister in Hoveyda’s cabinet, who had a completely anti-religious approach, tried to bring in a large number of her co-religionists to this ministry.

Today, although Baha’is, displaying an innocent image, try to deny this influence and their allegiance to the Pahlavi regime, the available documents prove otherwise.

In a document you will read today, published by the Political Studies and Research Institute, SAVAK warns of teachers protesting against the appointment of a Baha’i as director general of public relations for the Ministry of Education:

From: 20H15, Date: 24 Dey 1353 [14 January1975]

To: 324, Number: 20/53184H15/

Subject: Education: The appointment of Aminollah Foroughi to the position of director general of public relations of the Ministry of Education surprised educators and caused great damage to the reputation of Dr. Sharifi. Foroughi is known as a fanatical Baha’i among educators, and on this principle, sixteen years ago, he was appointed as the head of the Primary School of Ghaem Magham, by the late deputy director Yazdanfar, then the Ministry of Culture. This appointment caused a great deal of controversy in Tehran and in clerical circles.

Because [Aminollah Foroughi] (having an attractive face), was at the time favoured by the late Yazdanfar, who was known for his sexual perversion, [Aminollah Foroughi] was removed from this position and sent to Beirut to head the Iranian school. After Nabavi’s dismissal from the post of director general of Tehran, Mrs. [Farrokhrou] Parsa ordered that Aminollah Foroughi be appointed as director general of education in Tehran. The Appointments Council, in a very friendly manner, warned her that it was not in her interest to make such an appointment; nonetheless, she signed the assignment of Foroughi as director general.

Saturday Theory: Ignoring the views of the people and appointing a Baha’i to head an important office is never expedient and has no effect other than inciting the thoughts of teachers and staff against the government.

Tuesday Theory: The mistakes that have always been made in the appointments of the Ministry of Education have given dissatisfied teachers an excuse to intensify the wave of opposition against the government apparatus, and the complete indifference in the morale of the conscience of a group of teachers towards national issues stems from these mistakes.

Wednesday Theory: If it is proved that Foroughi is a Baha’i, the criticism of religiously fanatical employees must be accepted. But exceptionally, sometimes it is necessary to make such appointments.

Source: Khorasan

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