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Azad University of Iran

Abu-Rayhan University

Higher Education Centre of Translation

Higher Education Centre of Shemiran

College of Damavand

Research College of Iranian Culture

College of Politics and Social Sciences

College of Social Networking

College of Body Training and Sport Sciences

Higher Education Centre of Literature and Foreign Languages



Islamic Republic of Iran 

Ministry of Education and Higher Education

Faculty of Literature and Humanities                 


Number: 3016

Date: 6 Shahrivar [13]63 [28 August 1984]

Attachment: -----


In the Name of God

Mr. Yazdanbakhsh Gharaeinejad

Following letter number 2371-26 Mordad [13]63 [17 August 1984], regarding the announcement of your non-involvement with the Baha’i sect, according to your written confession confirming your continued commitment to the illegal Baha’i sect and the investigations of this Council, from this date you will be dismissed and surely deprived of continuing your education. You are obliged to return all the loans you have received until this date, to the Welfare Students Fund.


[Signature on the official stamp]

Secretary of the Admission Council of Faculty of Literature and Humanities

Central building Tehran 15 [address]