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[Emblem:] National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of Iran]

Number 867

Attachment --

Date --   Month --   12--

Date: 12 Shahrivar 1345 [3 September 1966]


The Honourable Head of the National Gendarmerie of Iran

[We] hereby respectfully present to your high office the news [we] received from Yazd that, three nights ago, a group of people in Manshad climbed the walls of the Haziratu’l-Quds [Baha’i Centre], which is a gathering place of the Baha’is, and tossed gasoline on two private cars parked there and set them on fire.  Although only the tires burned and the fire died out, the ultimate purpose of the culprits was to engulf the entire place in flames to ensure substantial damage to Baha’is.  The next day, the victims complained to the gendarmerie, which paid no attention and took no steps to find the criminals.  Also, in Maryam Abad, Yazd, when some Baha’is who had faced discrimination and difficulties filed complaints with the gendarmerie their issues received no attention.

It is sincerely requested of your high office to please instruct the gendarmerie in Yazd to send a circular to gendarmeries under its jurisdiction, instructing them to act according to the rules and regulations of public security, without discrimination against Baha’is, and to pay attention to their complaints, to refrain from giving any opportunities to troublemakers, and to strictly prevent any unpleasant incidents against Baha’is.


Secretary of the Spiritual Assembly