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In the Name of God

The Main Provisional Committee of the Islamic Republic – Tehran


His Honour, Ayatollah Mahdavi Kani,

My greetings to the Guardians of the Revolution!


A group of the Baha’i families—who had inflicted hard blows on the Muslims during the time of   Hoveyda and through the government agents of Taghut Regime, had made life extremely difficult for the Sadat Muslims [Muslims related to the family of Prophet Mohammad], to the point where, many times, I personally observed scenes of deep enmity and hostility, [in which] groups of Muslims were caused to be imprisoned, abused and beaten—has become accustomed to bawling and howling, and thus to preparing the ground to obliterate other people’s reputations in order to gain self-credit. Now they are disturbed and uneasy because they miss the support of Hoveyda.

These people borrow many sheep from the Baha’is of Isfahan in order to graze from the common pasture, using more than their share, and thus they restrict and disturb the Muslims in the area. During the previous Regime of Taghut, Mansour Rouhani had recommended to Hoveyda, and Hoveyda, in turn, had recommended to the governor general of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad as well as the gendarmerie of this district, that they ensure the comfort of the Baha’is in any given situation.

All this corruption, bawling and sowing the seed of discord is done through one person, by the name of Eshghollah Ravanbakhsh, the head of the Baha’is, who is constantly encouraged by the Baha’is of Isfahan and spreads poison. He has dispersed the Baha’is just to [establish] from this point of view his authority and demonstrate to them that he is the refuge for them all.

The Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad inhabitants are staunch supporters of the Revolution and are not any chance-takers; that is because by the end of the military government of Azhari, and during the entire period of the disgraceful military government of Bakhtiar in this Province (Yasuj and Dehdasht and its prominent districts), the people of the government did not have the slightest power, and I personally banished General Hampaei, the governor general from Yasuj. Then and there, the armed and combatant Muslims could once and for all uproot these bawling people, yet, I announced that no one has the right to show hostility against them.  But the corrupt Baha’is do not leave these poor and ignorant people to remain calm. Before receiving your letter, I announced that everybody should be watchful and vigilant, and keepers of peace and order, refraining from causing convulsion, preventing uprising, and of course not acting in such a way as to be contrary to the foundation of the Islamic Revolution.

I plead more than ever to the Almighty God and the Threshold of the Promised One, to give His grace to all the Guardians of the Revolution.


26 Ordibehesht 1358 [16 May 1979]

Haj Seyyed Karamatollah Malak-Hoseini

[Official Stamp]


The Islamic Revolutionary Committee of Yasuj