[Translator’s notes appear in square brackets]

[Personal information has been redacted.]


My name is Yadollah Sepehr-Arfa, son of Faramarz, my date of birth is 1306 [1928]. My birth certificate number is [redacted], issued from [redacted].


I declare I am a Baha’i


My dear children, Ramin and Nadreh Sepehr- Arfa, when I am gone [after my passing] try your best in the acquisition of education and the sciences and do not forget my brother and sister [be in touch with them].  I have not visited or sent any money to Israel.  They have not found any evidence in my home of my committing any crime against the Islamic Republic of Iran; they found only books about the Baha’i faith.


After my passing, my dear wife will be in charge of the family’s affairs. Also, I bear witness to the unity of God.


Yadollah Sepehr-Arfa


[Hand written note at the bottom of the page]

Whosoever is more cherished in this spiritual gathering,

He will receive a greater portion of affliction



He was arrested on Monday 9/06/1360 equivalent to 31August 1981. He spent 54 days in prison. He was then [executed] on 1/08/1360 equivalent to 13October 1981 and his body was not given to his family.