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[Newspaper:] Ettelaat

[Date:] Wednesday 26-9-1359 [17 December 1980]

[Number:] 16313

Single issue price 15 rials


Night-time, at Village of “Nook” – Birjand

Masked intruders killed a husband and wife villagers

Birjand – Ettelaat reporter

A number of masked intruders attacked an old man in his residence in the village of “Nook”, 32 kilometres away from Birjand and murdered him by punching him and striking him with sticks.  They also set his wife on fire, which resulted in her passing away due to her burn injuries.

The woman and man were 52 and 62 years old respectively. Their names were Shekar Sahragard and Mohammad Hossein Masoumi. They had been farmers for many long years in their village. This horrific crime is being investigated by Birjand’s Public Prosecutor’s Office, Inquiry Branch.