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Ministry of the Interior

Date: 24 Aban 1331 [15 November 1952]

Extraction of the Code of Rafsanjan


Ministry of the Interior,

N/2443/ M/10213. One of the perpetrators of that incident, whose order of arrest has been issued, yet has run away from Kerman, is Abbas Khandani. [He] has a history, and is a Baha’i. On the night of the twentieth of Aban [11 November 1952], he gave a religious speech on Tehran Radio and made implicit allusions, inviting the inhabitants to uprising, which has caused the anger and hatred of the intellectuals, misleading the commoners [simple-minded people]. The matter becomes clear from the ministerial letter number 6761 of 6 Aban 1329 [28 October 1950]. Kindly inform the Broadcasting Department that allowing people such as this [Baha’is] to give speeches would be inconvenient. 137/M.


Bani Eqbal


[Handwritten note: 1] Intelligence Department, to take appropriate action.

[Handwritten note: 2] Political Office: Inquire from the Broadcasting Department as to why have they allowed such people to present a talk. 24 Aban 1331 [15 November 1952]