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[From] Abdol-Karim Sadriyyeh

Date: 7 Tir 1323 [28 June 1944]


His Excellency, Mr. Prime Minister,

Copy to the Minister of the Interior

Cordially, I would like to bring to your attention that despite my several continuous, direct, verbal and written complaints of the inappropriate behaviour of Mr. Reza Kowsar, the governor of Shahroud who has been presented to the Ministry of the Interior, and [despite] the complaining reports of three high-ranking official inspectors of the Ministry, (Messrs: Mansour Rahmani, Shabdiz and Kalhor) which were sent against this person [the governor] to the Ministry during his governance, which proves his lack of competency and merits as the governor of Shahroud, resulting in his declaring his lack of competence for overseeing the elections—and the above facts are evidently demonstrated in his records—it is quite surprising and regrettable that until now, a concrete  decision has not been taken to appoint an honest, unbiased and experienced governor, with the excuses that he is currently employed and has been considered and the other [candidate] is waiting to be employed. 


Now that [Mr.] Kowsar has been called to the [head office], the authorities of the Ministry of the Interior, owing to personal considerations, refrain from attending to the legitimate demands of the residents of a town.  Considering the above remarks, it is requested that, in order to maintain order and safeguard the public interest of the residents of the city which I have the honour of representing, [you] instruct that a competent and trustworthy governor be appointed and sent to Shahroud as soon as possible, so that the anxieties of the local residents may vanish.


With respect,

[Signature: Abdol-Karim Sadriyyeh]


[Handwritten Note] It was conveyed. It was ordered to report it to the Minister of the Interior [signature] 12 Tir 1323 [3 July 1944]