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Woe to those instigators who closed their eyes to the truth and opened their ears to the calling of the Great Satan, America and international Zionism!


Once again, the hand of the Great Satan, America and Zionism, appeared from the sleeve of the deceived, impious gang who carry placards and, with the excuse of supporting the revolutionary movement of the Muslims of Egypt and Tunisia, caused trouble for the people in some streets of Shiraz, and with undignified and condemnable behaviour, caused trouble for the Muslims [residents] of Shiraz.


We, the youth of the Hezbollah [Party of God] of Shiraz, will never allow a small number, headed by a few members of the perverted Baha’i sect, Munafiqin [1], the thugs and mobs, to cause a little harm or damage the life, properties or honour of the people, trades and businesses. The gallant youth of this ancient Islamic country have been and will continue to sacrifice their lives for the endurance of the Divine Religion and Islamic Iran as they did during the period of Sacred Defense.


Therefore, [we] expect the respected trades and businesses, while maintaining their vigilance, not to be deceived by the nationalistic appearance of the slogans of this deceived gang.



[Three figures of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Messrs. Musavi, Khatami and Karrubi]







[1] [Munáfiqín (stirrers of sedition):  Referred to People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran]