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In the Name of God


Police Force of the Islamic Republic of Iran


Classification: Confidential

Number: 3554/14/3/92/1

Date: 8 Aban 1392 [30 October 2013]

Enclosure: -----


We honour the heroic political and economic year


From: Public Places Supervision Office of Tonekabon City

To: Mr. Sina Garshasbi and Mrs. Mahvash Khazeie (mother of Mr. Soroush Garshasbi)

Subject: Closures Warning



Hereby it is brought to your attention, due to the union interference, you are required to remove all the necessary equipment from the commercial unit within 48 hours. After the deadline, your commercial unit will be sealed.

Head of Tonekabon City Public Places Supervision Department

[Signature] [illegible]