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In the Name of God


Islamic Republic of Iran Police Force


Classification: Confidential

Number: 3554/14/3/92

Date: 8 Aban 1392 [30 October 2013]

Enclosure: -----


We honour the heroic political and economic year

From: The Public Places Supervision Office in the city of Tonekabon

To: Mrs. Iran Mirza-Agha (the mother of Mr. Omid Ghaderi)

Subject: Notice of closure and sealing [of a business place]


You are hereby notified that, owing to business encounters [sic], you are requested to remove the items that you need from the trade unit within 48 hours. After the completion of this period, your business place will be closed and sealed.

Head of the Public Places Supervision Office in Tonekabon

[Signature] [illegible]