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In His Name, the Most High


Announcement Number One


Heretics of the religion of Muhammad, deceived by Israel


For some time, in this sacred city, the home of the unknown martyrs, you, the members of the perverse Baha’i sect, have been nesting to entrap our youth. 


Were we to allow our youth to become captivated by the apostate Baha’i girls, and lose our Faith, which will continue living until the day of resurrection, then where is our zeal and honor?!!!


We have talked to the respected town authorities, such as the Friday prayer Imam and the City Council, but they persuaded us to be calm or they are indifferent about this issue.  But, we, the courageous youth of this town, cannot tolerate you depraved people anymore.


In this holy month, we have promised our master, Ali (PBUH), that we will rid our city of the shame of you Baha’is.  


This is our first action, should you have listening ears!!!


The brave Muslim youth of the holy city of Baharestan