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Number 6 / 66773

Date 23/10/ 68 [13 January 1990]



Department of Social Services

Office of the Executive Director


The Islamic Republic of Iran

Department of Social Services


In the Name of God

Brother, Mr. Aboutaleb Habibi, the esteemed representative of the people of Qaemshahr in the Islamic Consultative Assembly,

Subject: Addressing the request of Messrs. Manouchehr Shirvani and Ali-Akbar Norouzian


In reference to your letter number 4 / S /4089, dated 23/8/1368 [14 November 1989], we advise that:

As decided by the Preliminary Commission of the Human Resources Restructuring Office of the Ministry of Health, Hygiene, and Medical Education, the above-named individuals were permanently dismissed from government and government-affiliated employment owing to their membership in the perverse Baha’i sect.  Unfortunately, therefore, there is nothing to be done that would enable reinstatement of their wages.


Dr. Abolfazl Gharazi

Head of the Board of Directors and Executive Director and Representative of the Minister of Health, Hygiene, and Medical Education at the Department of Social Services



Copy:-The office of the Board of Directors and the Executive Director, entered as number 10095, dated 30/8/1368 [21 November 1989], for information.