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Ministry of the Interior

Governor’s Office, Seventh Province

Kerman Mayor’s Office

Number 509

Dated: 21 Bahman 1321 [10 February 1943]

Copy of the report issued by the Zabol Police Department received through the Zabol Mayor’s Office.


Zabol Mayor’s Office

With respect, pursuant to report number 503 – 17 Bahman 1321 [6 February 1943], we hereby convey the following: As a result of the propaganda by the Baha’is, the Muslims have become suspicious of them and untoward behaviour has been displayed toward them at night, as described below:

  1. On the night of 19 [Bahman] 1321 [8 February 1943], while Mr. Kazem Yeganeh and Mr. Farhad Nami were passing by the abandoned building located on the lower section of Hosseinabad with their families at 9:00 p.m., a few stones were thrown at them.  It appears that this incident was reported to the court under number 5525 – 20 [Bahman] 1321 [9 February 1943].
  2. On the night of 20 [Bahman] 1321 [9 February 1943], a lock was placed on the home of the two aforementioned individuals, who live in the same house.  On that same night, a uniformed secret agent was hired to keep watch around their house.
  3. Last night, faecal material was smeared on the door of the shop belonging to Mr. Taied Baha’i.

All of the agents and employees of the police department are busy day and night to prevent these violations. However, given the fact that the inhabitants of the area have a general sense of suspicion and ill will toward them, it appears that this may lead to more severe incidents. In order to prevent unexpected incidents resulting in administrative liability, we report these points and request that you make a decision regarding this matter that would facilitate peace and order among the residents; because, as it can been seen, the women and men of the area and others do not have a good attitude toward Baha’i individuals.

Deputy Mayor of Zabol, Lieutenant Colonel Abbasi

Copy is the same as the original