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Ministry of the Interior

Department of Political Affairs and Passports

[No number is listed]

[Date: 24 Khordad 1323 [14 June 1944]]



Governor’s Office, Tenth Province

A telegram has been received from Isfahan, signed by Mohammad-Bagher Javid and a few Baha’is residing in Shahreza, indicating that a group of troublemakers have encouraged and incited people to assault the Baha’is. They throw stones at them in the streets and even burn the doors of the homes belonging to Baha’is and fill the wells in their homes with sand.  In addition, numerous gatherings have been held under the leadership of Mr. Saraj, the Friday prayer imam, and Haji Hassan, during which severe decisions have been taken against them, such that on the first day of Khordad of this year [22 May 1944], approximately five hundred individuals gathered together with the intention to harm the Baha’is, but they were dispersed as a result of the wise actions of the governor’s and the mayor’s offices.  However, during the past few days, the selling of food and produce to the Baha’is has been banned. 

Please prohibit this and strictly prevent any demonstrations or actions that go against the local order and security, and inform us of the results.


Minister of the Interior

Director General [Signature]